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Windowpane \Win"dow*pane`\, n.
(Arch.) See Pane, n., (3) b . [In this sense, written also window pane.] [1913 Webster]
(Zool.) A thin, spotted American turbot (Pleuronectes maculatus) remarkable for its translucency. It is not valued as a food fish. Called also spotted turbot, daylight, spotted sand flounder, and water flounder. [1913 Webster]

Word Net



1 a pane in a window; "the ball shattered the window" [syn: window]
2 very thin translucent flounder of the Atlantic coast of North America [syn: Scophthalmus aquosus]

Moby Thesaurus

bay, bay window, bow window, casement, casement window, diaphane, display case, fan window, fanlight, glass, glassware, grille, lancet window, lantern, lattice, light, louver window, oriel, pane, picture window, port, porthole, rose window, shopwindow, showcase, skylight, stemware, transom, transparent substance, vitrics, vitrine, watch crystal, watch glass, wicket, window, window bay, window glass, windowlight


Alternative spellings


  1. a piece of glass filling a window or a section of a window
  2. A quadruple dose of liquid LSD.


piece of glass filling a window
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